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where does maisy live a maisy lift the flap book lucy - i bought this book and several others in the series for my 1 year old twins and 2 1 2 year old since my children were very small just about crawling they were drawn to the maisey books perhaps by the bright primary colors and simple shapes, amazon com maisy s big flap book 9780763611897 lucy - this is the big book of everything preschoolers need to know children can lift look and learn with maisy and her friends children everywhere are crazy for maisy the adorable and celebrated mouse created by award winning artist lucy cousins, early words early literacy program for western sydney - early words early literacy program western sydney resources downloads ideas links recommendations for good books for infants links to songs games literacy programs and research, dear zoo a lift the flap book books com tw - dear zoo is twenty five years old and still as popular as ever and with an updated look this children s classic is sure to delight a new generation of readers in this delightful tale about a youngster looking for the perfect pet readers can lift the flaps to see the animals the zoo has sent, booktopia the black book of colours by cottin menena - a stunning and unforgettable black book about colour our eyes tell us about colour but what if you are blind can you still know colours using simple language and beautiful textured art this book shows you how to see without your eyes from out of the blackness a beautiful rainbow of, the arrival by shaun tan 9780734406941 booktopia - a unique 128 page textless graphic novel in black white and sepia drawing inspiration from tales of migrants in past and recent times the central character is a middle aged man who arrives in a strange new place and tries to find a place to live a job and a handle on a new language