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cybersecurity program development for business the - clear and jargon free cybersecurity program development for business offers a down to earth guide for business executives who have little or no understanding of cybersecurity if you are ultimately responsible for making pragmatic rational and informed decisions about cybersecurity for your organization yet feeling unprepared for the role this book is for you, building a practical information security program jason - building a practical information security program provides users with a strategic view on how to build an information security program that aligns with business objectives the information provided enables both executive management and it managers not only to validate existing security programs but also to build new business driven security programs, risksec toronto 2017 cybersecurity event sc media - find out more about risksec toronto 2017 brought to you by sc media risksec is a must attend event for cybersecurity professionals, black hat usa 2016 briefings - a journey from jndi ldap manipulation to remote code execution dream land jndi java naming and directory interface is a java api that allows clients to discover and look up data and objects via a name, smu s new cybersecurity mission bankinfosecurity - frederick chang the new head of the cybersecurity program at southern methodist university says the time has come to create a science of security the field of cybersecurity today is very, cyber security for critical assets european summit - cs4ca europe 1st 2nd october 2019 london the 6th edition of the cs4ca european summit comes at a critical juncture for european security leaders facing increasingly complex threats from multiple different attackers